CWC Semi Final: England Won By wickets

CWC Semi Final: England Won By wickets

 England Won By 8 wickets: In the second Semi Finals between England beat Australia By 8 wickets to enter into the final of cricket world cup 2019.9969 That is the number of days England have had to wait to reach an ODI World Cup final. They have done it at last. The wait is over. The Cup is just a couple of days away from coming home.

On the last ball:

FOUR! There it is, ENGLAND ARE IN THE FINAL! A slower short delivery around off, Morgan picks it up and dispatches it over mid on for a boundary. Root hugs Morgan after this convincing 8-wicket victory. The English crowd has gone bonkers. Fireworks go off! The long wait for England is over, they are in the final after 27 years. Massive moment for them and the home fans,England Won By 8 wickets.

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